Monday, March 3, 2014

QotW: "If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got." ~Anonymous

Quote Of The Week: "If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got."  ~Anonymous

So my fiance made fun of me for having two sports quotes in a row. I honestly had no idea that they were both sports quotes. I guess I didn't pay enough attention when picking them. Haha. Well, to satisfy him, this week's quote has no attributed author.

This quote really rings true. We all know how we got to be where we are today. We all can place blame on some unhealthy habit for making us sluggish or overweight. We have to put that behind us and move forward onto creating good habits to change the way we feel. If we continue on with bad habits we know exactly where we will end up - right where we are now (or worse). If we change our habits, life can only get better.

So, this week I have a little activity for you. On a sheet of paper, I want you to make a list of bad habits you've had that led you to where you are now. Mine are:

- eating late at night
- overeating
- having too much dessert
- watching tv instead of exercising
- being lazy get the point. On the other side of the paper, I want you to make a list of good habits that you're trying to get into the habit of. Mine are:

- walking more
- eating less junk
- treating myself to GOOD dessert, and not just any sweet I feel like at the moment
- eating more fruits and veggies
- trying to get moving more

You can easily see the different between the two sides. Underneath each of the lists, write how you felt after doing those activities. So, for me, under the bad habits side I would write: "unhealthy, fat, bloated, lazy, tired, etc." and under the healthier habits side, I would write: "energetic, lighter, less self-conscious, happier, etc."

Post this somewhere where you can see it. It might just help keep you motivated! :) Have a great week!

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